Week 1

Pastor Rob Wilton introduces the series "Advice: Lessons from II Timothy." Also included: a reading of 2 Timothy by members of Vintage Church and Announcements of upcoming Vintage Events at the end of the podcast.

Week 2

Pastor Rob Wilton launches into a study of II Timothy by looking at II Timothy 1:3–7. This text exposes the love Paul and Timothy had for each other, their heritage, and Christ’s call. Paul urges Timothy to serve God boldly in Christ’s power, love and self- control.

Week 3

Pastor Rob continues his teaching series “Advice” by finishing II Timothy 1. As Paul writes in chains, he urges Timothy and all Christians to persevere through suffering and to not be ashamed of the Gospel.

Week 4

This week Pastor Rob takes us through II Timothy 2:1–7. In this passage, Paul continues to encourage Timothy to trust in the grace of Christ. Pastor Rob highlights Paul’s metaphors that followers of Christ should have the focus of a soldier, commitment of an athlete, and hardwork of a farmer.

Week 5

In II Timothy 2:8–13, Paul directs his young apprentice towards the ultimate soldier, athlete, and farmer. His name is Jesus Christ. Listen as Pastor Rob Wilton unpacks this crucial passage and encourages Vintage Church to die daily and endure for the cause of Christ.

Week 6

This week Pastor Andrew teaches from II Timothy 2:14–26. In this passage, Andrew shows us how important it is to receive truth from God’s word and how to respond as an approved worker, a holy vessel, and the Lord’s servant.

Week 7

Spiritual warfare is real and is no joke. This week Pastor Rob walks us through 2 Timothy 3. The first 9 verses are a description of the godlessness of the last days. The rest of the chapter highlights the faithfulness of a true follower of Christ and the victory found through God’s Word.

Week 8

In our last message from our Advice Series, Pastor Rob walks through II Timothy 4. Throughout this series, Paul has challenged us to fight the good fight and finish the race. In chapter 4, Pastor Rob encourages us to not only “Preach the Word,” but most importantly “Be the Word."