To feel is to be human. One of the ways we are unique from the rest of creation is that we have the ability to feel a variety of different ways: happy, sad, angry, fearful, surprised, excited. The list could go on. For many of us, we love the good feelings, but if we’re honest, don’t want to experience the bad feelings. In fact, we might even try to repress the bad feelings. But if we were created by God to feel, then all emotions are not bad. Perhaps, instead of repressing certain feelings, we should learn how to manage all of our emotions. Join Vintage Church as we take a journey through the Psalms, the songbook of the Bible. In these Psalms we’ll learn both the goodness of our emotions and importance of managing all of our emotions in a healthy way.  

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As part of the series we will also be having an equip night on emotions. Make plans to join us Wednesday, July 18th from 6:30–8:30p as two of our Vintage Partners, both of which are licensed counselors, walk us through some great content.

Series Resources

Here are some additional resources on the book of Psalms and emotional health to accompany our All the Feels series.

Introduction to the Book of Psalms

This is a short introduction to the book of Psalms. In this brief introduction, you can find important information on the book of Psalms, such as authorship, outline, purpose, the different types of psalms, theological themes, and other recommended resources.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality is a book by Peter Scazzero on the importance of being emotionally mature as well as spiritually mature. Click book image to buy on Amazon.

We walked through some of this content in an equip series. Check out all of the resources from that series:

Local Counseling Centers

vGroups & Life Groups

Having Christian community is vital to our spiritual and emotional health. If you're not part of a group, or you have questions about our groups, check out more out more info:

  • vGroups: groups of 10–20 people who meet regularly throughout the city for transformation, connection, and multiplication
  • Life Groups: gender-specific groups of 3–5 who meet regularly for the purpose of focused discipleship

Equip Night on Managing Emotions

Vintage Partners & professional counselors, Kerrah Fabacher and Christi Hagans provide practical and helpful training on our emotions and how we manage our emotions.

Click image to view all resources from the night.

All the Feels Blog Series

As part of our  series, professional counselors within Vintage wrote a series of blogs based on the 8 emotions we walked through. Take some time to read through these as they break down the emotions and give some personal, relatable stories to help us understand these emotions better.


Sermon Resources

June 3, 2018 | Joy | Psalm 30

We were created to feel joy, but how? Learn from Psalm 30 on how to experience joy.

Weekly Reflection

  • Are you currently experiencing joy? Why or why not?
  • Each day this week, identify something that brings you joy and explain why.
  • Find ways to praise God this week despite your circumstances.
  • Who in your life needs joy that only Jesus can give? Share the gospel with them this week.

June 10, 2018 | Fear | Psalm 91

We were created to feel fear, but how? Learn from Psalm 91 on how to choose faith over fear. 

Weekly Reflection

  • What are some fears that you are struggling with?
  • What's the source of your fears? Where are they coming from?
  • Who do you have in your life that can help you carry your fears? Share some of your fears with your community this week.
  • Who do you know in your life that is struggling with fear? Go and share your faith with them this week and how the Lord has been faithful?

June 17, 2018 | Surprise | Psalm 103

We were created to feel surprise, but how? Learn from Psalm 103 on how God uses surprises to redeem us back to him.

Weekly Reflection

  • How do you currently respond to surprises?
  • Are you allowing the emotion of surprises to redeem you back to God?
  • Who is someone that you could surprise this week with the love of God?
  • Write down any surprises that you experience this week and meditate on how God can use these surprises for his redemptive work in your life

June 24, 2018 | Sadness | Psalm 13

We were created to feel sadness, but how? Learn from Psalm 13 on how to be honest with God and at the same time trust God.

Weekly Reflection

  • Are you currently experiencing sadness? If so, what is the source of your sadness?
  • How are you handling your sadness? Are you being honest with God? Are you sharing with your community? What do you need to do to better address your sadness?
  • List out reasons you can trust in God for hope in the midst of sadness.
  • Who in your life is struggling with sadness that needs to hear about the hope that only Jesus can give? Go share the gospel with them this week. 

July 1, 2018 | Trust | Psalm 20

We were created to feel trust, but how? Learn from Psalm 20 on how we can trust with hope and confidence.

Weekly Reflection

  • Do you struggle to trust? Why or why not?
  • What are you praying in hope for? This week pray for one thing personally, one thing professionally, and one thing for Vintage Church.
  • What reasons do you have to share confidently about God and his gospel?
  • Who in your life needs to trust God? Go and share the gospel with that person.

July 8, 2018 | Anger | Psalm 137

We were created to feel anger, but how? Learn from Psalm 137 on how we can identify, process, and express our anger.

Weekly Reflection

  • Identify the causes of anger in your life?
  • How are you processing anger? Do you have unresolved anger in your heart?
  • Do you express anger in a sinful way?
  • Who is someone that has anger management problems in your life? Commit to praying for them every day this upcoming week.

July 15, 2018 | Disgust | Psalm 52

We were created to feel disgust, but how? Learn from Psalm 52 on how our disgust should lead us to hate evil, trust God, and pursue good.

Weekly Reflection

  • What are you disgusted by? Are they the things God is disgusted by?
  • Why can you trust God in the midst of evil? Think of some practical life examples. 
  • What are three practical ways you can pursue good?
  • Who in your life is also disgusted by evil in our world? This week go and share how Jesus is the ultimate answer to evil in our world. 

July 22, 2018 | Anticipation | Psalm 121

We were created to feel anticipation, but how? Learn from Psalm 121 on how God's past predicts our present and future.

Weekly Reflection

  • What is something you are currently experiencing that you need to trust God with?
  • List out and remind yourself ways God has been faithful in your past.
  • What is a future dream that you have that you are prayerfully expecting God to answer?
  • Who is someone in your life that you are anticipating God to save? Go and share the gospel with them this week. 

Sermon Snapshots

Check out these brief sermon snapshots from our All the Feels series. Like what you see? Make sure to check out the full sermon videos above.

Remembering Where Joy Comes From

Where do you find joy in life? Watch as Pastor Dustin reminds us to not just think about where we find joy but to thank the ultimate giver of our joy—God.

Jesus Can Handle Your Fears!

What do you do with your fears? Watch as Pastor Matthew reminds us that Jesus can handle our fears.

God Uses Surprises for His Work

How do you respond to the good and bad surprises of life? Watch as Pastor John reminds us how God uses surprises for his redemptive work in our lives.

The Darkness of Sadness

Sadness can overtake all of us, pulling us into a deep and long darkness. Watch Pastor Dustin as he encourages us to trust in God even in the midst of sadness.

Our Source of Trust

Who are you trusting in? Watch as Pastor Dustin Turner inspires us to remember that the ultimate source of trust is not found in other people or things but in God.

Managing Anger with God's Help

With the spirit of God we can manage our anger. Watch as Pastor John reminds us that anger management is possible with the help from the Spirit of God.

A Standard for Good and Evil

While culture might tell us good and evil are relative, who God is tells us otherwise. Watch Pastor Dustin remind us that God's character serves as the ultimate standard for good and evil.

Are You Expecting God to Move?

What might God want to do in your life? Watch Pastor Dustin as he challenges us to expect God to move in our future.


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