Week 1

Pastor Rob Wilton launches into our new series titled "Be The Church," in which we will take a look at 7 important examples of the Church being the Church in the book of Acts.

Week 2

Pastor Rob speaks about why the church should be united as a body and how that looks.

Week 3

Our focus should be solely on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Rob speaks on what being focused on the Gospel looks like.

Week 4

As Christians, we are to share the Good News to the lost, but how do we witness? Pastor Rob teaches us about how to be a witness for Christ in this world.

Week 5

Being a leader means being influential. Pastor Rob guides us through what a gospel-centered leader looks like.

Week 6

Pastor Rob goes through what it looks like to proclaim the Gospel in our culture today.

Week 7

In our last message of our "Be the Church" series, Pastor Rob shows us how dire it is to fulfill God’s purpose of reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.