Why Vintage United?

So I get asked a lot about how Vintage Church is going. We are a new church that will celebrate our 4th birthday next month. I am so thankful for everything that Jesus has done in this short time. We have witnessed a ton of salvations, baptisms, new community groups, new gatherings and campuses. What began with a few people in Uptown has multiplied to over 300 people across two campuses. Back to the question. You think I would share that with everyone but I don’t. I’ve been telling people that we have built a strong core team and that this amazing Vintage Family who I love so much is about to experience an epic harvest. Over the last year God has placed an amazing vision upon my heart for Vintage Church and our future. As I have processed this with the Vintage Leadership, we are excited to share with you the following vision.

This weekend we are launching a new campaign and brand for Vintage Church. Here are the changes online:

Website – vintageunited.tv
Facebook – facebook.com/vintageunited
Twitter – twitter.com/vintageunitedtv
Blog – vintageunited.tv/blog
Staff Twitter – twitter.com/vunitedpastor

Our church name is still Vintage Church and our campuses will still be Vintage Uptown/Metairie. However our future branding will be Vintage United. This change will drive our vision forward as we seek to live out Gospel Multiplication in New Orleans and beyond. We are believing that the Holy Spirit is going to multiply individuals, community groups, and gatherings around our city, region, and world and this vision will facilitate new campuses and churches wherever He leads.

Starting in September, Vintage Church will UNITE in one location every month to worship Jesus.

Here are our four gatherings this fall:

Rock N Bowl – http://rocknbowl.com
3000 South Carrollton Ave. NOLA 70118
Dates: September 16, October 21, November 18, December 23
Time: 10am

We love being one church in multiple locations. We love our Metairie Campus and our Uptown Campus. We love serving each unique community with local leadership through a local campus gathering and community groups. We also love uniting as one family. Our last three United Gatherings were Easter 2011 (350ppl), Metairie Campus launch last September (400ppl), and Easter 2012 (450ppl). These gatherings were a united time of encouragement to our family and witness to our friends. As we have grown on each campus we have been tempted to abandon each campus and build or rent one large location. This would be against the vision that God has given Vintage. We are not anti-large church. We believe God is going to grow Vintage in a major way. However our movement will be more decentralized and will give us the best chance of reaching the most people. We won’t slow down for building projects but rather invest in training leaders and sending them out. As we multiply campuses all over this region we will gather in one location as one church each month. I know this vision is a lot more difficult and I know there aren’t many examples of churches doing this. I wish I could share all the doubters & haters of this vision as I have shared over the last year. Vintage family, we have been praying a simple prayer since the beginning of our journey. “Jesus move in such a way that YOU ALONE get the glory”. If one day Vintage unites as 20+ campuses and thousands of people in the NO Arena, there is no way that we will absorb the credit. Instead we will unite on our knees before a great God who saved our friends and family in this area for His glory.

This journey launches now and we need you. As you read this blog I know that the Spirit is stirring your heart and calling you to go all in. You long to see something miraculous in your life. For some Jesus is calling you to step your game up as part of the Vintage family. For some Jesus is calling you to support Vintage from outside New Orleans with resources, mission, and prayer. For some Jesus is calling you to move to our great city to join the ride.

Step one is simple: PRAY. Over last few weeks we have devoted significant time to pray in our gatherings. We know this won’t happen outside of the Supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. Devote significant time to fast and pray for God’s harvest.

Step two: INVITE. Help us spread the word of our first United Gathering. Facebook, twitter, handouts, personal invites, etc. Our staff made a huge decision to unite as one with our twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc. We know that we are good individually but we are great as a united team. If each of you would unite with us for this cause the city will take notice.

Here are a couple of logos that you can out on your twitter and facebook profiles. Change your profile pics with us and help us spread the word! 

(click link for picture)

Small Logo to replace your profile pic

Large logo for your Facebook timeline 

We are also going to equip you with physical promo cards next week in order to help you share with others about Jesus and our United Gatherings.

As I close, check out our music video “We Are United” and unite with us to see God’s glory unleash in this world!