Letter from Pastor Rob

Vintage Metairie Family,

As you know our Metairie Campus on Cleary Ave has received some damage from Hurricane Isaac that has made it unusable for our gatherings.  We are in the process of praying through some different options as a result of this damage.  In the meantime we have been seeking out some other locations to host a gathering that is both strategic for our future and wise for our resources.  God has answered our prayers for the next month.

For the next four weeks we will gather here on Saturday Nights at 5pm:

Lakeview Presbyterian Church
5914 Canal Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70124

We are so humbled and thankful for their partnership and generosity!  Pastor Neil and his church have offered their place free of charge.

I know that this is a new location, a new day, and a new time.  I know this will be tough on our routines and schedules.  I know that change is difficult.  But I also know that Jesus is at work through Vintage and He is sending us out to connect in a new area of our city.  WE DON’T GO TO CHURCH…WE ARE THE CHURCH!  Our hope isn’t in a building or even a location, our hope is in Jesus and each other.  He is up to something incredible as He is mobilizing our church family to BE THE CHURCH all over this city.

We need our Metairie Campus to take it to another level in the following ways:

  1. Pray.  Seek Jesus with all your heart.  Pray for your leaders, our future, and for many people to meet Jesus.
  2. Give.  Serve Jesus with all your heart.  Sign up on one of our V-teams as we will need some extra help at a new location.  Stay faithful with your financial giving and be extra generous during this time of unexpected costs.
  3. Go.  Share Jesus with all your heart.  Keep being the church with your community group reaching out to those who are in need.  Don’t just be faithful at our new Saturday night gathering but lead people to Jesus and bring them with you to the party.

P.S.  Our Uptown Gatherings will resume as scheduled on Sunday night at 5pm and 6:45pm.  If you Uptowners have some free time to volunteer this Saturday, please contact Pastor Brick.  We would love the help.

I love you guys so much!  See ya Saturday night!