Serving in a Consumer World

Photo by  Roland Tanglao

Our culture tells us to look out for number 1. Everything about this consumer society is all about me… my comfort, my safety, my preferences, my stuff. Me, me, me. It’s all about me.

The Kingdom of God runs on very different principles. The Bible says we are to love and serve others. We are to put others’ needs above our own. This is so different from what we see in the world today.

Jesus said that people would know us by our sacrificial love for each other. When the world sees the love of Jesus coming out of believers through loving and serving others, it draws them to the Savior. That’s why Jesus left us here on earth, to carry out his mission to save the world. The exciting thing is that Jesus chose you and me to do it!

As Vintage Church multiplies to three campuses beginning October 28th, the need for people to serve through our VTeams is greater than ever. VTeams are the hands and feet of Jesus at Vintage Church. VTeam members serve on a rotating basis in three areas: connect, kids, and production.

Connect teams serve before, during, and after the worship gathering doing everything from greeting to parking. VKids team members care for kids 4th grade and under at gatherings. Production team members work with all aspects of media needed in a gathering including setup and tear down.

We need every believer that is journeying with Vintage to step up to the plate and join a VTeam. Are you all in?

Click the link below for more information about serving on a VTeam:
Serving at the Uptown Campus 
Serving at the Lakefront Campus
Serving at the Metairie Campus 

Contact Your Campus Pastor to sign up:
Uptown – Matt Brichetto
Lakefront – Dustin Turner
Metairie – Jim Caldwell