Vintage United was amazing. I loved the energy, meeting so many new friends, watching our leaders step up and serve, witnessing baptisms, and I especially loved seeing our different campuses UNITE to worship Jesus. Vintage United is such an important part of our vision as we reach our city for Jesus. This gathering is a celebration of all that God is doing throughout our city during each month. We unite to encourage each other to keep “living the Gospel, loving the city, and being the church.”

A couple of weeks ago, I closed out I Corinthians 15 by unpacking verse 58. Paul encourages the church to “be steadfast, immovable, abounding in the work of the Lord.” I summarized this encouragement in three simple challenges:

  1. SIGN UP!

Jesus has called us to be a church that gathers and scatters for His Kingdom. We are called to multiply the Gospel all over our city through individuals, community groups, and gatherings. Instead of being one church in one location, we are one church in multiple locations. This vision from Jesus is not only exciting but it is also really difficult. It would be easy for us to focus all of our attention in one location, once a week. But we believe that we can be way more effective in reaching New Orleans if we empower people to GO TO THEM instead of COME TO US.

With that being said, your pastor is asking for a HUGE FAVOR. Attendance isn’t everything to us, but I am going to make a huge request for this coming weekend. This weekend we are going to scatter back into our three regions and campuses. Here is a map of our campuses and the times/locations of our gatherings:

Please make it top priority to be at your campus this weekend. We are going to use this time to rally our campus leadership and cast vision on how we are going to reach each region for Jesus. We need you ALL IN. SIGN UP! STAND FIRM! SERVE WELL! If you really want to take it to the next level, contact your Campus Pastor or Community Group Leader and show up to serve on a VTeam (Kids, Production, Connect).

Lakefront Campus
Dustin Turner -

Metairie Campus
Jim Caldwell -

Uptown Campus
Matt Brichetto -

Thank you so much for your friendship and partnership in the Gospel.  Remember that we have been challenged to lead ONE person to Jesus by the end of the year.  I can’t wait to witness you baptizing your ONE at one of our future gatherings!

Pastor Rob