Real Jesus Series

This Christmas we are going to take a journey with the Real Jesus.  And yes…there is only one Real Jesus.  Our world is filled with so many misrepresentations of Him.  Some of these are sneaky and some are extremely obvious.  Christmas is a dangerous time of year because these lies are hidden behind the trees, presents, lights, songs, food, and even good hearted charity.  Our goal during this series isn’t to discourage you from enjoying all of the great traditions that make up your Christmas season, our goal is to help you center everything upon this Real Jesus who loves you and desires for you to love Him.

Week Text/Topic

12/2-3 Jesus Came...We Go!
12/9-10 Jesus Died...We Serve!
12/15-16 Jesus Arose...We Tell!
12/23 (Vintage United) Jesus Lives...We Worship!

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