Uncovering the “Story” & “Gospel Project” in 2013

Every new year brings with it an air of excitement. 2013 is no different for Vintage Church. God is already preparing and moving things in place for 2013 to be an incredible year of ministry. One thing in particular that is very exciting is our preaching series and Community Group curriculum for next year.

For the past 2 ½ years as a church we have walked through the book of 1 Corinthians, the Real Marriage series, Gospel Multiplication, and Real Jesus to name a few. 2013 will be a little different. For fifty-two weeks we are going to walk through the story of the Bible. We are doing this in two ways. First, Pastor Rob and the other pastors who will be preaching next year literally will be preaching through the story of the Bible. The incredible thing about the Bible is that it has an over-arching story. It is not just random stories thrown together. A coherent story actually is found throughout. So next year we will be learning about the grand story of Scripture, best laid out this way: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration. The “Story” sermon series will begin by unfolding and discussing the importance of revelation, God revealing himself to the world. Then the majority of the year will be spent walking through the Story as it unfolds in the Old Testament and New Testament. The year will conclude by looking at who God is through the lens of the Story. Without a doubt “Story” is going to be an incredible time of inspiration and equipping.

The other exciting part of next year is related to Vintage’s Community Group curriculum. Over the past few years we have used discussion guides created by myself and my theology and training team. I hope they have been beneficial for you. Nonetheless, we are stepping up our game in 2013. Closely tied to our “Story” sermon series, we will be using the Gospel Project curriculum. What is incredible about this material is that it follows exactly with what we want to accomplish through the “Story” series. The other exciting feature of this material is simply its quality. There is so much meat within the pages of the Gospel Project. Vintage’s Community Group Leaders without a doubt will be equipped to lead a deep and practical conversation on the story of the Bible. The other incredible feature of the Gospel Project is the material for the community group. Each and every person within a Vintage Community Group can use the Gospel Project devotionally. Each lesson has four individual devotions, consisting of two devotions prior to the community group meeting, the actual community group discussion/lesson, and a follow-up devotional. It truly is incredible material to help each of us in our spiritual life. If you are interested in purchasing the material you can do so here. For the first quarter we will be walking through the Fall 2012 material: “The God Who Speaks.”

I am so excited about 2013. If you really want to see how exciting “Story” and the Gospel Project will be see the video below. It paints a perfect picture of the importance of the Story. I believe it is going to be an incredible year of spiritual growth for all of Vintage Church. “Story” and the Gospel Project will be a huge part of that spiritual growth. I’m looking forward to next year. I hope you are too!