One Story, One Need, One Prayer for the Lakefront Campus

Vintage Church is one church in multiple locations. These locations are in strategic neighborhoods throughout the city. Our goal for 2013 is to mobilize a movement in the city of New Orleans and around the world through Vintage’s three campuses. Here is one story, one need, and one prayer for our Lakefront campus from Pastor Dustin Turner.

One Story

This past fall brought with it many difficult challenges. When Hurricane Isaac hit the greater New Orleans area Vintage Church was forced to make some adjustments. So our Vintage Metairie campus moved to Lakeview Presbyterian Church on Saturday nights. From there we launched our Vintage Lakefront campus. Although we are so very thankful for Lakeview Presbyterian Church’s hospitality, Saturday nights were very difficult on our new Lakefront campus. As we searched for a new location we were asking the Lord to provide us with a stable location where we could meet on Sunday nights. We searched and searched and found nothing until finally the Lord opened up an opportunity with the New Orleans Baptist Association (NOBA) near UNO. This was the perfect location for Vintage Lakefront. The Lord did more than just give us a stable location. He gave us a worship gathering location for not Sunday nights but Sunday mornings. If anyone knows the city of New Orleans, they know that it is a traditional city and because of that Sunday mornings allow Vintage Lakefront to have a greater chance of reaching the lakefront area with the Gospel.

One Need

One of the greatest blessings for Vintage Lakefront is that we have a solid core team of forty to fifty people. This is a solid foundation for a new campus. Nonetheless our campus is still young and delicate. Therefore we need a growing team who is committed to living the Gospel, loving the city, and being the church. I’m thankful that our current team is committed and focused on the Lakefront area. I’m praying and asking for more who are as committed and dedicated to Vintage Church, the lakefront area, and ultimately Jesus.

One Prayer

My prayer is that Vintage Lakefront would experience Gospel Multiplication. We talk a lot about Gospel Multiplication at Vintage Church. We state that we are “committed to our core values of living the Gospel (Truth), loving the city (Love), and being the church (Community) by multiplying individuals, community groups, and gatherings in New Orleans and beyond.” Therefore I am praying that Vintage Lakefront would multiply the Gospel into individuals, community groups, and gatherings throughout the Lakefront area. I am praying this will lead to an explosion that will bleed over into the rest of our city and out into the world. Will you pray this prayer with me?

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Here is our upcoming worship gathering schedule:

Sunday, January 20, 5 PM – Core Gathering #1
Sunday, January 27, 5 PM – Core Gathering #2
Sunday, February 3, 10 AM – United Gathering @ New Lakefront Campus (NOBA)
Sunday, February 10, 11 AM – Lakefront Campus Launch