One Story, One Need, One Prayer for the Uptown Campus

Vintage Church is one church in multiple locations. These locations are in strategic neighborhoods throughout the city. Our goal for 2013 is to mobilize a movement in the city of New Orleans and around the world through Vintage’s three campuses. Here is one story, one need, and one prayer for our Uptown campus from Pastor Rob Russell.

One Story

There are points of suffering in all of our lives. Yet, in God’s sovereignty, He often uses our toughest struggles to rally His church, spread the Gospel, and glorify His name. This has been the story of Kaleb Wilson this past semester.

A little over two months ago Kaleb, who was then serving with the Coast Guard in New Orleans, had an accident that forced him into surgery and left him partially paralyzed at the time. Before any of the pastors were able to visit him and his family in the hospital, his community group leaders were there to pray with him and his family. They worked quickly to provide Kaleb’s family with a place to stay and contacted others to begin praying.

Later that week, Kaleb’s community group held their weekly meeting in his hospital room to encourage him, pray, and worship Jesus. Though Kaleb has since moved to a rehab facility in Colorado and is slowly beginning to recover, his community group is continuing to stay in touch, praying for him and loving on him and his family in any way possible.

This community group’s faithfulness in being the church greatly impacted Kaleb’s family as well as his Coast Guard friends that saw what it means to love like Jesus does. Though tragedy is always difficult, God has been and is using the Vintage family to point to hope in Jesus by living the gospel and being the church in this broken and hurting world.

One Need

This coming weekend, January 20th, marks the beginning of a new and exciting journey as our Uptown Campus moves its gathering to Sunday mornings at Rock ‘n’ Bowl at 10am. Over the past year and a half, we have seen God do wonderful things at our Sunday night location, transforming lives and growing his church. As we move into Rock ‘n’ Bowl on Sunday mornings with a much bigger space, we are expecting God to continue to work in a mighty way.

As we grow as a church family, however, our need for volunteers will also increase. Our three volunteer teams (connect, production, and kids) are the backbone of our worship gatherings and are key aspects to serving those that step through the doors on a Sunday morning. We need many of you to sign up and serve once a month with our production team setting up equipment or our kids team loving on our families. For more information on volunteer opportunities visit our Volunteer page or email me.

One Prayer

Vintage Church began over four years ago right here in the Uptown area. Since then, we have seen God multiply his church in both Metairie and now Lakefront. I am amazed by all that God is doing, but I also believe that there is much more to come.

As a church family in the Uptown area, let us pray to not be content with simply having a cool building, nice new equipment to use, and a Sunday morning time slot. God is mobilizing a movement to spread his name throughout this city, and I am praying that the Uptown campus will continue to be a part of that, starting new campuses and sending out more people to “be the church.”

Pray with me that God would grow the Uptown campus over the next year to pack out Rock ‘n’ Bowl, bringing new people into relationship with Jesus. But also pray with me that we would find new ways to reach new parts of this amazing city with the Gospel. God has given us an incredible mission and has empowered us with his Holy Spirit. Let’s thank him for all he’s done and pray boldly for all he is going to do in this new year.

Click for more information on Vintage Uptown. Vintage Uptown gathers on Sundays at 10 AM.