One Story, One Need, One Prayer for The Well

Our Gospel Multiplication vision at Vintage Church not only involves starting new community groups and new campuses, but also includes sending out church planters and missionaries throughout the world. As you GIVE to Vintage Church a portion of that money goes to support these works. Jonathan Griffin served as the Vintage Church Metairie Campus Pastor. We had the privilege of sending him out in May 2012. Here’s one story, one need, and one prayer for The Well:   

Situated in the book of John 4 is a wonderful a story of a Samaritan woman who encounters Jesus in an incredible way and is forever changed and she is unleashed on her city to tell her story of this encounter. Our aim at The Well is to be a place just like that, where everyday people encounter Jesus, are forever changed, and unleashed on their city to tell the story.

One Story

Seven months ago when we landed in San Antonio we found God already at work and didn’t even know it. My wife, Amanda, and I had already decided we needed to select a gym to attend and “Groupon” had a $25 for 2 months at a local gym. We purchased it thinking we would try it for a couple of months then find the “real gym” we would invest in. This gym was no ordinary gym… it was like a hybrid between Crossfit and group training classes (Not Zumba). We found an hour that fit our schedule and began investing in the lives we were surrounded by. That’s where I met Jake. One day Jake was helping us move out of our apartment and as we sat in the living room relaxing he said, “So tell me more about this Church thing…” Shortly after Jesus saved him. He is now a part of The Well. He encountered Jesus and has been unleashed on the city of San Antonio to tell his story.

One Need

As we are praying with great expectation, we know that we will be in great need in order to effectively exist as The Well and reach the city of San Antonio with the Gospel. We need financial partners to resource us with money and materials so that we can focus on the mission of sharing the Gospel with the lost. If you would like to support The Well you can find out more by visiting

One Prayer

“REAL MEN LOVE JESUS.” We have all seen that bumper sticker. As I drove behind a red truck with that plastered on its tailgate I could not help but pray for some “Real Men” at The Well. We have a serious man-crisis across the Church in America and The Well is a direct reflection of that. We need more men like Jake from the story above. We are gathering a lot of single moms, moms who can’t get their husbands to come with them, and men who just won’t step up and lead. Please pray that men would surrender their lives to Jesus through an encounter at The Well. Pray that this encounter would radically change them so much that they are unleashed on the city of San Antonio to tell the story.

If you would like more details on The Well or learn how you can get involved, visit  or email me directly.