The Presence of Christ in the Midst of Disaster

The news flashes a story about the death of innocent children or a movie theater shooting and the world suddenly begins to question God. Why is it that we only seek God when problems arise? This world seems to be falling deeper and deeper into sin. And as time goes on the world seems to be turning farther away from God. We often question why all these problems continue to arise and where God is in the midst of them. The truth of the matter isn’t that He is not there; He is in the middle of every situation. God gives each of us the choice of free will, but we are to use all the knowledge God has given us to do what is right. “We aren’t robots”, my mom says, “God gives each and every person their own free will.” Despite each of us having our own free will, God is still in control and in the midst of the disaster.

How is God still in the midst of disaster? Before Christ ascended into heaven and left the earth, he gave a charge to his church. So as believers we are to be the hands and the feet of Christ. Therefore as we are in the disasters, Christ is living and working through us. As Christians, we should use these tragedies as opportunities to reach out to the lost. Because from tragedy, I believe, many come to know Christ. They turn to the church for answers, but really and truly, the only person who can give them answers is Christ. And we can be the ones to point them to their only hope, Christ.

It’s time to step out and show the love of Christ to them. Beauty is found in the ashes. Despite our ashes, Christ finds us and makes us beautiful. As far as the man or woman who is found guilty for the death of the people, well they should be shown the love of Christ as well! Hate should never be the answer. “The lost are gonna act like the lost”, my parents always tell me. Is what they did right? Absolutely not! But as we know the world is falling deeper into sin each and every day. Like I said before, we as the church need to be the hands and feet, to both the victims, loved ones, and the person who has committed the crime! We should live as the Bible says in Philippians 2: 1-4. The love of Christ should be all that the world sees from us. So shine bright and be the light!