2013 Financial Update and Need

Hey Vintage Family,

This past weekend was incredible!  That baptism celebration in the rain was one of my favorite times in the history of our church.  I love our new United partnership with Langston Hughes Academy.  God has some great plans for us with this new location.

I wanted to write you a quick blog reminding you of our Ministry & Financial Update that was given this past Sunday.  I know that the weather was bad and that we have a lot of people traveling over the summer so we wanted to make sure that everyone of our Vintage Family had a chance to receive this information.  In the future we will share this type of information at our membership meetings.  We are looking forward to implementing our new membership this fall.  

We are certainly in a season of challenge but we also believe this is a great season of opportunity.  I am so proud of our staff and leadership as we have sought the Lord together in prayer.  Vintage Church is blessed with an amazing team that is willing to do whatever Jesus is calling us to do.  I believe that we are also blessed with a church family that is going to step it up to resource our vision of Gospel Multiplication.  The stories are pouring in on how God is transforming our city through this faith family.  Thank you for continuing to “LIVE THE GOSPEL, LOVE THE CITY, AND BE THE CHURCH”.

Here is the simple outline of the facts that were presented.  However, I would love for you to take 30 minutes to watch or listen to our presentation which is provided on this blog.  I am so thankful for Kyle Sedlacek and our Finance Team who have supported our Elder Board through this journey.  

Please pray and ask the Lord how He is calling you to respond.  If you have any questions, please email info@vcnola.com.  If you would like to give online, click the button below:

Also read Pastor Joby’s blog, ‘Your Generous Giving is Changing Lives‘, that came out this past week.

Vintage Church 2013 Financial Report Video

Vintage Church 2013 Financial Report Audio

Vintage Church 2013 Financial Report Outline

2013 Expenses:

$937,860 (January)
$886,348 (Starting July 1st)
Total Cuts:  $51,512 (5%) – This includes mostly cuts in personnel.  

Total Gx Needed ASAP:  $66,000
Current Gx:  $214,000
Total Gx Needed to Reach Goal:  $136,000

Current Tithes:  $9,300/wk
Need Tithes:  $12,500/wk

Option #1:  Per Person Giving Increase
Average Per Person Giving: $34/person/week (adults)
Average Per Person Giving Needed: $42/person/week (adults)

Option #2:  Attendance Increase
Current Attendance (adults):
Uptown – 136ppl
Metairie – 93ppl
Lakefront – 43ppl
Total – 299ppl

United Gathering: 337ppl

Goal Attendance Needed (adults):
Uptown – 165ppl
Metairie – 130ppl
Lakefront – 75ppl
Total – 370ppl

United Gathering: 400ppl


  • Keep Praying
  • Keep Giving
  • Keep Going

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rob