All In Vision

Vintage Family,

Jesus is so good! I am so humbled to serve with you under God’s amazing grace.  Thank you so much for your partnership with Vintage Church. This past weekend I shared a vision for our journey this fall. If you missed our gathering, here is the video of this vision:

As you have just watched, it is time for us to put on the sway bars. Starting on Saturday, September 7th at 6 PM at Tulane Dixon Hall, we are going to jump into a season called ALL IN.  

We have three main goals in this season:

  1. UNITE in one location.  From day one Vintage Church has been passionate about Gospel Multiplication. We love that our DNA is more about going to people instead of asking people to come to us. Our multiplication strategy starts with individuals who do life with community groups during the week who unite at campuses on the weekends. Our priorities are in that order. In five years we have aggressively launched three campuses and have seen God do some incredible work.  Unfortunately the complexity of operations of each campus has caused us to lose our main focus on individuals and community groups. In order to simplify our gatherings and in turn focus more on the discipleship of individuals and community groups, we are going to unite in one gathering to worship Jesus this fall. Our location will be at Rock-N-Bowl starting on September 15th.
  2. Become a PARTNER. As I shared in the video, we have tried a few different approaches to membership. Unfortunately both approaches have not served to help Vintage grow healthier and more effective in our mission together. This fall we are going to implement a brand new membership process. We are calling this Vintage Partners. To become a Vintage Partner we will be offering region specific “I’m A VP” classes that will equip Partners with an understanding of our mission, vision, and values. This process will also serve to better assimilate people into our Community Groups. More details are coming soon.
  3. MULTIPLY the Gospel. This is the mission of Vintage Church and this will never change. God has called us into a strategic season in order to better serve Jesus, our city, and the world. Life is filled with times of rest and empowerment in order to get stronger and healthier for the mission. Right now the New Orleans Saints are training at camp in order to win a 2nd Superbowl for the city of New Orleans. Who Dat! Every player and coach on that team would affirm that championships aren’t just one on the field; they are also won on the practice field, weight room, etc. This is our time to UNITE on weekends and become PARTNERS of Vintage in order to MULTIPLY the Gospel in New Orleans and beyond. 

On a personal note, let me add one request. Over the next four weekends we will have our normal gatherings at all campuses. I am going to be preaching this weekend on the Holy Spirit and then for three weeks on the church.  As I have been preparing for these sermons I’ve recognized that the early church was characterized by a sacrificial love for Jesus and each other. As we jump into this season, let’s love God and one another above all things. Instead of complaining or critiquing, contact your Campus Pastor or Community Group Leader and ask how you can serve with your church family in order to ultimately serve the Lord. I am so thankful for so many of you who are already leading the way.  

Thanks again for your partnership with Vintage Church!  ALL IN is going to be a great season for our church family.  

Your Pastor,