Organizing Chaos

If most of us were honest with our selves we would acknowledge that our lives are chaotic. We all have so many responsibilities that we find difficult to juggle. According to some stats we as citizens of the United States are stressed out, are over worked, are lacking adequate rest, think we need more time than we have, believe we can multi-task effectively, are stressing out our kids, and are not sleeping enough. These are pretty significant issues. On top of that we are also trying to be faithful and committed followers of Christ.

Many of us are searching for BALANCE. I have sad news for you. Balance does not exist. It is an impossible thing to achieve. I do believe, however, that God desires for us to pursue balance. How do we do that? I believe we can continue to pursue balance in our lives in two ways. First, we have to continually fight the tension of balance in our lives. While we know that balance is impossible, we still fight the tension in pursuing balance. We have to know that we will never find the completely balanced life but we can pursue it and find some resemblance of balance. Balance, however, is incomplete without God. Therefore, secondly, we need to ask ourselves, “How can I keep God at the center of everything I do?” Why ask this question? We must ask ourselves this because God is not interested in being at the center of Sunday mornings only. He is not interested in just being at the center of our mornings when we read the Bible. God wants to be at the center of all that we do. So we must understand how we can keep God at the center of our spiritual life, our relationships, our work, our studies, our health, our recreation, etc. In every element of life God should be in the midst of it. When we continue to pursue balance with the goal of keeping God at the center of everything we can organize chaos.

How then do we accomplish this? I want to personally invite you to our next Equip Night this Wednesday, October 23rd from 6-8:30 PM at out Vintage Metairie facilities (3927 Rayne St. Metairie, LA  70001). That evening we will be discussing how to pursue balance and keep God at the center of everything. We will be having dinner and we are asking for a suggested $5 donation at the door. Childcare will also be provided. If you have any questions feel free to email me at  You can sign up for Organizing Chaos online. I look forward to seeing you Wednesday as we learn together what it means to organize the chaos that is our lives!