Bakra Eid…A Goat Festival Like Thanksgiving


Recently I took my second trip to India to visit my friends, Vintage Global Partners, who live and serve there. Watch a short highlight video HERE. They live in one of the largest cities in the world. I believe I enjoy this city so much because this city has many similarities to New Orleans, including spicy food, parades, film industry, climate, water all around, and a population filled with both locals and transplants.

My friends’ vision is to see every Muslim hear the Gospel and for reproducing churches to plant other churches in the city among Muslims. This latest trip was focused on a target community where my friends are working in sowing seeds and praying for a harvest. Our trip also coincided with a major Muslim holiday, Bakra Eid, meaning “Goat Festival.” This annual festival is in remembrance of Abraham sacrificing his son. In remembrance of this act, Muslim families sacrifice a goat and share the food with friends (imagine our American Thanksgiving with goat, which was very spicy, often referred to as “Indian Spice”).

During our time I was amazed at the hospitality from those in the community and have asked myself if I would do the same during Thanksgiving in New Orleans. We were invited to eat bakra twice during our trip in two different homes. The second time was especially unique as we met a complete stranger, a young man, on the street. Shortly after our initial meeting, he showed us his father’s bakery, offered us chai, and invited us to eat leftover bakra. As we were eating with him and his brother we were asked what Christians believe. This gave us a chance to share the Gospel and our stories of Jesus transforming our lives.   

God is working in the hearts and lives of people all over the world. In fact with Muslims He is working in a way that is similar to how He moved in Cornelius’ life in Acts 10. Cornelius, a God fearer, similar to a Muslim faithfully practicing the 5 pillars of the faith, has a vision to send for Peter to hear what he has to share. God also prepares Peter to share through a vision that He, God, shows no partiality and desires all to hear. Cornelius and Peter connect and in Cornelius’ home with family & friends, Peter shares about God’s work for them through Jesus Christ.

We have other trips to India in 2014. Perhaps it is time to consider: is God sending you like a “Peter” to share with men and women like Cornelius?

 As a church we are passionate about Gospel Multiplication. Vintage Global is multiplying the Gospel in India. You have the opportunity to serve alongside our partners on the ground in 2014. We will spend time praying for and engaging the community while experiencing the unique culture of India. The trip is a great opportunity. If you are interested email:

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