My Hope with Billy Graham

Dear Vintage Church Family & Friends,

There is a movement in America that has been inspired by one of my heroes, Dr. Billy Graham. Dr. Graham has not only been used by God to lead millions of people to Jesus around the world, he has also brought me to tears at his home as he encouraged me to keep leading people to Jesus in New Orleans. Today is Dr. Graham’s 95th birthday and I am so thankful for his life and testimony for Jesus. Here is a picture with Dr. Billy Graham at his home in North Carolina.

Also in this picture is another hero in my life, my dad. Dr. Don Wilton has faithfully served Dr. Graham for years as his pastor and friend. They have spent hundreds of hours at his home having meals together, reading Scripture, talking about history, and hosting friends from around the world. I remember the first time that I got to watch my dad and Dr. Graham hang out. This wasn’t just a pastor/member relationship. I was watching a genuine friendship. Not only did they discuss some really important things but they laughed a lot together and had a ton of fun.  

My dad’s ministry is called The Encouraging Word. Anyone that has been around my dad understands why his ministry has this name. He is the ULTIMATE encourager. It has been so incredible how God has sent my dad to encourage the man who has spent his life encouraging millions in the name of Jesus.  

My Hope America with Billy Graham is a vision from Dr. Billy Graham to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to America and the world. Here is a behind the scenes article about my dad’s journey with Dr. Graham in the making of My Hope.

THE INVITATION IS SIMPLE. Host some of your friends and family over to your house this weekend to watch My Hope. Over this weekend there will be many different opportunities to watch this amazing program.

Here are the opportunities starting tonight in New Orleans:

Thursday, November 7th

2:00pm – EJTV (SPANISH)
7:00pm – TBN
7:30pm – Channel 28 (KNLD DST)
7:30pm – DAYSTAR
9:00pm – FOX NEWS
10:00pm – ENLACE (SPANISH)

There are many others tonight and throughout this weekend on television and online.  You can find all the listings HERE.

Join us this weekend in praying that God would use this message to launch a revival in America and the world!

Your Pastor,