Help Promote The Movement

Before ascending into heaven, the risen Jesus told His disciples that they would receive power and the Holy Spirit and as a result would be launched as witnesses to the ends of the earth. With these words, Jesus launched a movement that would change the world. This movement, called the Church, is unlike all other organizations, institutions, or other causes because the Church cannot fail. Jesus is building the Church and nothing will stop it. He has also chosen you to be involved in accomplishing the fulfillment of what was launched over 2,000 years ago.   

As another new year kicks off we are so excited to launch our series “The Movement.”  We invite you to join The Movement by walking through the book of Acts with us in 2014. We’ll be preaching on Sundays at Rock ‘n’ Bowl at 10am and discussing Acts further throughout the week in our Community Groups. You need to join us!  

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To read more on the book of Acts, download our Introduction to the Book of Acts eBook.

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