Why Change My Name?

Thanks for visiting my new blog! Why the new blog and even new branding on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc? The first reason for me is simple. Clarity and dependability. I know if you have followed me or Vintage online we seem a bit schizophrenic. To be honest, we are always open to trying whatever to reach whomever for Jesus. All the changes have been our imperfect attempts to reach people. We will probably change again, but I want to make sure that my personal ministry would stay consistent through whatever Jesus sends our way. That is why I am using my name as the brand. I used to be paranoid of people and would end up practicing false humility, but thankfully God has set me free from a fear of man. I know my heart, I have accountability, and I have been given unbelievable grace to serve as Rob Wilton.

This leads me to the main reason for this change: faithfulness. God has opened some incredible doors for me and I want to be as clear and available to this call as possible. One of my past mentors used to challenge me to always ask the question: how can I most effectively make disciples of all nations? Well, this change is one simple step that my pastoral team and I believe is essential in being faithful to God and His opportunity in my life. My old branding (VUNITEDPASTOR) was a blast as I used my online name to promote my position and our church family in New Orleans. However, my ministry opportunities have grown beyond New Orleans. Outside of my calling as a Christian, husband, and dad, my main ministry is through Vintage Church. I love being the Lead Pastor of this amazing faith family in one of the greatest cities in the world. This new branding is not a move away from this privilege. Rather, it is a recognition that my responsibility and influence with Vintage is to lead the way in partnership around the globe. The calling to every Christian is to make disciples of all nations. There is never an option for either a local ministry or global ministry. It is both/and! As I have served with Vintage I have always believed that God would give us opportunities around the world. He has definitely done that! We have global partners in India, Southeast Asia, Israel, and Africa. We have also supported and launched new churches all over North America. When you reach New Orleans, you impact the world! I’m thankful to receive this calling from God to serve all over this world and I’m praying that through this ministry God would move in such a way that He alone gets all the glory!

My new blog is a hub for my ministry through Vintage Church in New Orleans and around the world. I hope that it will serve you well. I will try to keep it updated with personal and ministry reflections, pictures, resources, sermons, travel, etc. In the top left section you can access more information about my life, my schedule, Vintage Church, and sermons. I look forward to adding future projects that I hope will serve you, as together we strive to “live the Gospel, love the city, and be the church!”

Go ahead and check out ROBWILTON.TV. I’ve already posted some old blogs, pics, videos, etc. Here is my latest blog: FISH.