YouTube: What is it Good For?

At any given moment on any given day, there is story after story, song after song, and tutorial after tutorial streaming over the Internet.

I have some favorites, from checking out the latest Pentatonix music video release:

Viewing story videos from L.R. Baggs:
1. A recent visit to Jean Larrivee’s shop:

2. And Ricky Skaggs’ studio visit & ‘Can’t Shake Jesus’:

And watching our weekly Vintage sermon videos:

Simply put, there is power in stories.

In the book of Acts we are called by Jesus and empowered by the Spirit to be witnesses. We are commissioned to tell His great story, the Good News. He is Jesus and He is Savior to all. Social Media has an amazing reach and we have an awesome opportunity to share truth through it. It’s our desire at Vintage Church, through a new YouTube Channel, to use the internet as another way to share the Gospel through preaching, teaching, and equipping. I’m also excited about the opportunity we have to share content and updates from our Vintage Arts team. This will include new songs, story videos, and highlights, like the following video from a recent Sunday Gathering and Baptism Celebration:

I hope you will subscribe to our new Channel by following the link and clicking ‘subscribe’. You can check back often for news, updates, and content from Vintage Church.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how the Lord uses this new addition to our media outlets at Vintage Church. There are many ways that we can connect into all that the Lord Jesus is doing here in NOLA and beyond. This is one way we hope you use and share often with others as you live the gospel, love the city, and be the church.