Internalizing the Book of Acts

Photo by  Ryk Neethling

Photo by Ryk Neethling

Several weeks ago a Vintage family member approached me and encouraged our pastors to provide the church with some important verses from the book of Acts they could memorize. I immediately knew that was a great idea. Bible memorization is such an important spiritual discipline for Christians. The Bible commands us to meditate on God’s Word (Deuteronomy 11:18; Psalm 119:11; Matthew 4:4) and Scripture memorization is such a great way to do that. So, below are 10 simple verses in the book of Acts that are important and would be beneficial to memorize. By no means is this list of 10 exhaustive. These are simply 10 important verses in the book of Acts.

Often times people get overwhelmed when they think about memorizing Bible verses. They immediately begin to think about memorizing entire books of the Bible. What you will find below are 10 small verses that would be a great way to jump into memorizing the Bible. Here are also 10 great tips to help you begin to memorize Scripture. I pray that this is an incredible opportunity for you to meditate on the book of Acts and ultimately begin to internalize God’s Word.