vKids Is Movin’ On Up!

Dear vKids Parents,

Vintage Church is Movin’ On Up to two locations and four gatherings so that we can better reach our city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is great news for vKids! We will be in a renovated environment, intentionally designed to best serve our kids with our three vKids promises in mind: truth, safety, and fun. These three objectives are the same objectives we give our vKids leaders to focus on at every vKids gathering. We want to make sure that we don’t get wrapped up in doing things that don’t really matter. We want to focus on what matters most, so we might have the most impact on our kids. So, what can you expect from vKids as we Move On Up?


As we move to our new locations, we are updating our space to direct our vKids’ attention towards learning the most. First, our toddlers will be given two rooms. The first room will be the “party time” room. This will be a space filled with age-appropriate toys, games, and activities for vKids during the beginning and end of a gathering. The second room will be a vKids Worship Auditorium. This room will be a dedicated space for our toddlers to learn God’s Word and worship Him. Second, our school-aged vKids will be in a new, open space that will offer us the ability to have a large-group style gathering that mirrors what adults do in the worship gathering and a small-group time that mirrors what happens in community groups all throughout the city. When they are old enough, they will then have a much easier transition into The Revolution, the Vintage Student Ministry.


Potentially the biggest advantage to the new locations is increased security. First of all, we will have a dedicated space just for vKids. The only people that will be allowed in the vKids areas will be vKids and vKids leaders. This will be a big transition for some of us, but we believe it is necessary for us to change the way that we do things for the safety of our vKids. If you need to nurse, change the diaper of, or be with your child at any time during the worship gathering, we will now offer a parent resource room. The other big change is that we will finally implement the long-awaited check-in system. You will be asked each morning to identify your family by phone number, last name, or by scanning a keycard that we give you. Then, we will print a name badge for your child that gives his or her name, any allergies or important info, and a unique barcode that allows your child to be picked up by you alone. It will be awesome, super-fancy, and most importantly, safe.


There is a reality in children’s ministry that when kids aren’t excited to come to church, parents aren’t either. You know how tough it can be to take your child somewhere where he or she really doesn’t want to go. It is like you are asking them to go to the moon (well, actually, they may prefer that). We want vKids to be a place where kids beg their parents to take them back. We are making numerous aesthetic upgrades that will hopefully create just this type of environment.

So, here is what we need from you: First of all, be patient with us. There will inevitably be some kinks that need working out and some processes that will take some work on the front end to implement. Second, let us hear from you. If you would like to see something different or you really don’t feel comfortable, don’t bottle it up; let us know. We promise to listen and either explain our reasoning or make a change. Finally, help your kids be missional in bringing their friends. Saturday night sleepovers are a great way to invite unchurched kids into the church. Invite the neighborhood kids’ parents to join you at a Sunday gathering. Partner with us to reach the kids of this city as we move on up!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to email josh@vcnola.com.