Vintage Church is Movin’ On Up!

Vintage Church Family,

Starting on August 3rd, Vintage Church is MOVIN’ ON UP!

From day one, Vintage Church has been passionate about Gospel Multiplication. We carry this vision out as individuals, community groups, and gatherings throughout New Orleans and beyond. I am so thankful to be a part of this movement and I am so thankful for each of you who are proclaiming the name of Jesus.

Our individual and community group strategy is continuing forward, but our gathering strategy is going to look a little different. For the last year we have had the blessing of worshipping Jesus at one location on Sundays. We are thankful for our time at Rock ’n’ Bowl as we have witnessed over 100+ responses to Jesus in 2014. Over this summer, the Lord has closed this door and opened an amazing opportunity. On August 3rd we are MOVIN’ ON UP from one location/two times to two locations/four times.

There are two main reasons why we are excited about this new opportunity:

1) God’s Provision

When we heard that our time at Rock ’n’ Bowl was coming to an end, Vintage Church rallied in prayer asking for God to provide. He has certainly done that! Everything from our new partnership with the First Spanish American Baptist Church to financial provision from our partners to the support from each of you…we know this is God’s plan for our family.

2) Gospel Multiplication

The last year has been a great time for our church family to strengthen as we gathered under one roof on Sundays. Our mission of Gospel Multiplication has been thriving through our individuals and community groups and now we are blessed to continue this mission again through our gatherings. I believe that Jesus has provided a way for us through these multiple locations and options to make a huge impact in Orleans parish, Jefferson parish, and around the world.

3) Greater Impact

We are calling this new journey MOVIN’ ON UP for a reason. We believe that this strategic move is going to mobilize us to reach even more people for Jesus as we multiply in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. The best is yet to come!

In order for us to accomplish this vision, would you consider stepping up and serving with us in the following ways:

1) Pray

The battle this summer has been on our knees in prayer and our battle moving forward will continue to be on our knees. Thank you so much for seeking after God for this next step and thank you for continuing to pray for the Holy Spirit to save the city of New Orleans. Let’s ask for an unleashing of revival!

“Prayer is where the action is.” John Wesley

2) Give

This involves our time, our finances, and our hands. In regards to our time, can you make a commitment to attend every weekend in August. We are going to see a lot of new people come into our church because of this new move and we would love to introduce them to you. In regards to our finances, can you make a commitment to give an offering in the month of August to Vintage that is above your regular giving. Thank you for your faithfulness. Your generous giving is changing lives! In regards to our hands, we need volunteers. Our vKids, Vintage Arts, Connect Team, and Production Team would love to have you serve with them. We are so thankful for our vTeams.

3) Go

Keep “living the Gospel, loving the city, and being the church” in New Orleans. We have seen a great harvest this year as 100+ people have responded to Jesus. I am continuing to pray that Jesus would save every person in our city. Let’s go! I love how a pastor in New Orleans puts it. FRANgelism. Go share with your friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors about Jesus and Vintage Church.

I am so excited about this new move for Vintage and I am so thankful for each of you. Keep praying, keep giving, and keep going as we are MOVIN’ ON UP!

Your Friend and Pastor,