Church of the Future

A Few weeks ago we held an important vKids training called “Church of the Future.” We’re excited to be the church of the future. At this training we discussed many training topics, including the importance of commitment. This Sunday, August 3rd, we are “Movin’ On Up” to two new locations in Orleans and Jefferson Parish. Our vKids ministry has had a major face lift to coincide with this move. As we work to be the church of the future, we want to provide space where kids can be safe, have fun, and learn the truth of the Gospel. Becoming the church of the future, however, requires a great commitment from everyone. From our staff to our vKids volunteers to our parents, we are committed to providing consistency where our children can grow into mature disciples of Jesus. Below you can watch part of our training on “Commitment.”  We hope you will join us on Sunday as we Move On Up. If you have children, bring them and let them experience the “the church of the Future!”