Should You Say “Goodbye” to Facebook? Getting at the Real Problem

Photo by  SMM Boost

Photo by SMM Boost

If you’re like me, chances are you’ve had a moment in the past where you considered saying “goodbye” to social media. The passive aggression, emotional rants, narcissism, and overall productivity drain on life can make anybody question the benefit of staying plugged in. Join that with what appears to be a decrease in tangible community in modern culture, and social media actually begins to look like a fundamentally negative aspect of modern life. Yet, most modern advances, including social media, are not inherently evil. Rather, it all comes down to how these powerful tools are used.

Over the past several weeks, we have examined some of the various “pitfalls” of social media. From our use of sarcasm to the belittling of others, the problem is never the platform. It’s the one standing on it. If anything, what this series has attempted bring out is the need for the gospel in our online engagements. Twitter and Facebook can be sinful simply because we can be sinful. When we connect our online identity to our primary identity in Jesus Christ, we will seek the grace of God to communicate the attributes of God as the foundation for the way we engage others in every social setting. Just like a hammer in the hands of a carpenter, social media can be an incredibly constructive and beneficial tool when we submit it to the purpose and glory of the master carpenter, Jesus Christ, allowing him to flavor and direct all that we say and share.

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