Staff Stories: Marshall Henderson

My Story

I grew up in the small town of Cleveland, MS. It’s in an area called the Mississippi Delta, famous for agriculture and being the birthplace of the blues and notorious for poverty and being 50 years behind the times in race relations. This is the town where I went to school and graduated high school. I spent four years as a Fighting Okra and received my B.A. in psychology from Delta State University in the same town. Before “discovering” we loved each other (and had loved each other for quite a while), my wife, Jill-Curry, and I grew up together and were best friends all throughout our school years. We were married in 2008, and we now have 3 boys: Myles, Smith, and Roscoe.

I received Jesus as my Savior and Lord when I was 9 years old (Nov. 1993) during the morning worship service of Immanuel Baptist Church in Greenwood, MS. I was in the church service that day because earlier in the year, my parents had both recommitted to Jesus and became part of the church. There, I heard the message of Jesus repeatedly. And in that particular morning’s service, God called. I remember the conviction of the Holy Spirit; I remember knowing without a doubt what He was calling me to do. I gave my life to Jesus.  Many years later, during my sophomore year of college, God called me to gospel ministry.  Pursuing this calling has led me to serving as a student pastor, a summer camp counselor, and an itinerant preacher before this calling ultimately led me to New Orleans.

My family’s journey is an example of the all-too-familiar story of those who moved away from New Orleans and who were drawn back in. In 2008 Jill-Curry and I moved to the city for me to attend New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In the years we were here, God connected us with Vintage Church and began to grow a love for life and service in New Orleans. In 2010, we returned to our hometown in MS where I served as an associate/student pastor at Morrison Chapel Baptist Church.  In 2013 we were called back to New Orleans to partner with Vintage Church for training in church planting and ultimately for the growth of Jesus’ church in this city.

My Role at Vintage

I love and believe in the work that Vintage is doing in our city (and world).  After being a part of Vintage’s church planting residency, I joined the staff in 2014. As the discipleship leader, I have loved working with the pastors  to connect people to Jesus and deeper relationships in our church. I lead the connect team and coordinate volunteers for other vTeams, as well as serve as a writer and blogger for Vintage Press. Currently, I am transitioning to directing Vintage’s “Generations” ministry which aims building age-based ministries and developing leaders for the purpose of engaging and equipping every age to live the gospel, love the city, and be the church.

I live in Uptown New Orleans with Jill-Curry and our 3 boys. I consider myself an avid family man, coffee drinker, and reader. I enjoy playing disc golf and ultimate Frisbee in my free time.