Staff Stories: Nick Pacurari

Who I Am

I have lived in 5 states, attended 10 different schools, lived in 13+ houses (lost count at some point), and lived in multiple cities in each state. I was born in North Carolina, but consider West Palm Beach, FL to be my childhood home. Now, as a transplant to New Orleans, I proudly say that I am home and I love this city. My wife, Rachel, and I moved to New Orleans for graduate school after college. I graduated last summer while Rachel is still plowing on her Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling. There is no place like the city of New Orleans in the world. The rich history of culture, food, and music are some of my favorite highlights.

I have been dating Rachel since ’07, when we were high school seniors. She is my best friend and our favorite thing to do is try new restaurants. We are food snobs and proudly proclaim it! On August 29, 2014 we welcomed our first child, Lia Marie. Her smile and outgoing personality are as bright as the sun!

At times, the amount of consistent change and transition growing up seemed more like a burden as I had to make new friendships every few years. However, as I reflect on my story, two specific lessons stand out. First, the friendships that I have developed throughout my short lifetime have significantly shaped me into the person that I am today. I am forever indebted to many people who have walked beside me through joyful and difficult times. Secondly, God’s hand on my life can be traced back as far I can remember. My life hasn’t been the same since I met Jesus.

Meeting Jesus is truly the most memorable moment in my life. Like many people, I had been introduced to Christianity and religion at a young age. However, the gospel that I was introduced to was works-based. In ’06, at the age of 16, the gospel of Jesus’ salvation by grace through faith alone took hold of my life. Much of my story entails Jesus doing a lot of outward change in my life for the first two years. In the Spring of ’08, I obediently answered God’s call on my life to pursue ministry vocationally. Throughout college, I grew a passion to serve in a local church. I believe that the local church is a central importance in every believer’s life and the catalyst in which the Jesus will redeem the world to Himself.

What I Do

I have been a part of Vintage Church since my second Sunday in New Orleans after moving down in January 2011. When I started seminary I knew that my education would be limited if I didn’t connect and serve a local church. The pastors and leadership team at Vintage have been the best teachers and mentors over the past few years. I serve Vintage as the Operations Director. First, this role includes serving and assisting our Lead Pastor, Rob, and our Executive Pastor, Brick, in the organizational management of the church. Secondly, I manage our facility, which includes maintenance and safety oversight. In addition, I lead our Connect team on Sundays at our Orleans location, as well as a Community Group.