Following Jesus by Serving Kids: The Role of vKids Volunteers

I love our vKids Leaders. I really do. I would put them up against the Connect or Production team any day (just kidding). But seriously, it truly is an honor from God to be able to serve alongside them every week. Each one of them represents a story and each of those stories is incredibly different. They are young and old, engineers and students, married and single, and from all types of family backgrounds. What unites them all, however, is that they have been transformed by the gospel and they want to see kids experience the same.

It is astounding to see the way that God uses their service as vKids leaders to grow not only the kids they serve, but also themselves. Serving brings some into a truer community than they have ever felt before as they get to know kids, families, and fellow leaders. Serving gives a deeper, more relevant understanding of God’s word. You can’t truly understand the depth of Ruth’s devotion to Naomi until you teach it to third graders. Serving calls some to become examples. Knowing that you have little eyes that see you as a mentor, leader, coach, and friend leads you to try even harder to look more like Jesus. Finally, serving connects them into the ongoing mission of God in the world. Serving the Church of the Future places them in the story of the Church that God is writing throughout history.

None of them are perfect. None of them are expert theologians. None of them pray for five hours each day. None of them are writing books on child-rearing. They are all simply followers of Christ. They want to follow him with more of their life. They want to serve his Church. They want to love the children he loves. vKids allows them to do that and it could allow you to do that as well.

We always need more volunteers to help us offer even more to the families of Vintage Church. From diaper changers to song leaders to security personnel to small group leaders, there are numerous ways that you can serve. There is a place for you serving the Church of the Future. Email for more details.