The Best Is Yet To Come: Five Initiatives In 2015

I am so thankful for all that Jesus has done in 2014. Vintage Church has truly experienced amazing evidences of God’s grace and power. As we wrap up this year, we are anticipating another great year.

This past Sunday I shared five initiatives that Jesus has given us for 2015. Each of these initiatives have been received with excitement from our church.

We recognize that Jesus has called us to get to work but it is only the power of the Gospel that will enable us to accomplish these amazing dreams. As you walk through these initiatives, ask the Lord what He has called you to do as we serve Him next year. As you answer His call, join us in believing that Jesus is going to move through Vintage Church in a such a way that He alone gets the glory!

  1. Invite Everyone: We are believing that at least 100 people would come to faith in Jesus.

  2. Grow Stronger - We are beginning a new generations ministry and discipleship strategy that will strengthen our church.
  3. Build Tomorrow - We are launching a long-term plan to financially invest in the Church of the Future. Please visit for more details.
  4. Go Everywhere - We are partnering with other churches to multiply new churches around the world.
  5. Pray Together - We are uniting in prayer weekly and at strategic times in order to call upon Jesus to bring revival.

The best is yet to come!