Radical Resilience - Katrina Recovery Reflection

Photo by Matt Brichetto

Photo by Matt Brichetto

After decades of decline and decay, Hurricane Katrina seemed to be the inevitable end to a once great American city. What has transpired over the past decade—not just in a few New Orleans neighborhoods, but across the whole greater New Orleans region—is an amazing story. At this important milestone, as the nation remembers how far we’ve come since 2005, it is also important to note that in some ways the real work is still ahead in this region's journey towards the next 2 decades. Over the past 7+ years, my family and I have been involved in the recovery in several avenues throughout our city. Most recently, the last few months, Pastor Rob Wilton and I have had the opportunity to serve alongside an organization that is leading the leaders of this region. Michael Hecht and GNO Inc. are a constant motivational voice inspiring our region as we together not only rebuild but reach new heights.

In Radical Resilience, a lecture at the TEDx New Orleans event, Micheal Hecht discussed this Katrina recovery and some of what lies ahead. As is Hecht’s fashion, he gives some good historical perspective on the city, but more important in this lecture are the reasons that enabled the development over the past decade. These in the end form as our call to action for the next decade. 

Factors of our past development and opportunities for future growth:  

  • Effort and Engagement 
  • Embracing the New 
  • Creating Opportunity from Adversity 
  • The Power of Coalitions 
  • Mindset of Excellence  

We’ve seen a great comeback, but let’s keep up the effort and engagement as we press forward to the next decades. 

Watch “Radical Resilience” full lecture 

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