My Katrina Reflection

A storm in the gulf.
Don't sweat it, we've been here before.
If he goes, I'll go. He's gone, let's go.
We'll be back. 3-4 days max.
Can't believe we're not passed the east.
Leave the car in AL, we'll get it next week.
Sitting, waiting, watching, weeping.
What is going on? How can this happen?
You got text? Where ya at?
Days, weeks, months.
I gotta get back. MS? I'm in.
Devastion. Thousands in need. Church on the rise.
I'm listening Jesus. I'll go.
NOLA is open.
Causeway. Skyline. Home...I think.
No Words. Not much left.

Driving away. We gotta get back.
Prayer. Prayer. Keep praying.
You're not coming back? They aren't either?
I gotta get back! Phone call for me?
Storage. Bags packed. Here we go.
Gutting. Giving. Gunshots.
The church is here. People have hope.
Welcome back. That's not open.
You're back! Let's keep fighting. I'm wearing out.
The Saints are coming. Who Dat!
Blocked kick. Weeping.
We can do this. Believe Dat!
Pre Katrina. Post Katrina. Gotta push forward.

No place like home.
Restore. Rebuild. Renew.
This is taking a long time.
We need government.
We need business.
We need people.
We need the church.
Live. Love. Be.
Welcome to Miami. Champs!
Business is great. Food never better.
People in this city are tough.
NOLA's back but we still got work.
Tons of new faces. Tons of new names. Tons of the same problems.
Crime. Schools. Roads. Resistance to progress.
Reality hits.
Honor our past. Drive to our future.
We need to change.
We need to keep rising.
We need each other.
We are NOLA. Better than ever.