CityView and You

You know that feeling you get after a really good conversation with somebody? You feel like you were heard and appreciated just for who you are. You come away feeling inspired, encouraged, challenged; maybe all of those things at once.

That experience can sometimes be just what you need to keep moving forward in life. 

Millennials now make up the largest generational group in America.1 We're trying to figure out how to live, work, and have a significant impact in an increasingly changing world.

What if we had a space where we could have meaningful conversations with each other, ones that would bring out the best in us and inspire us to action that could actually change our city for the better?

Welcome to CityView.

The time we have once a month with CityView is open for you and other Millennials in New Orleans to authentically explore issues of faith, truth, and life together. It's open for you to come just as yourself; no preconcepted expectations, no divisive judgmentalism.

The team behind CityView has some big dreams for what God could do in New Orleans, but they won't be as meaningful without you and your input, perspective, and creativity. We want the CityView event to be a springboard, a launchpad, for authentic relationships that go far beyond the few hours we get to spend together on a Thursday night.

CityView is just the beginning of a greater conversation. We want you to be a part of it.

CityView happens on the second Thursday night of every month, beginning at 7:00pm at the Vintage Arts Center (4523 Magazine Street). Check out this video from Josh Cook to learn more: