The Mingling of Souls Marriage Conference

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As creatures designed to live life in community, it is no exaggeration to say that relationships have a profound impact on our lives. From the time we are born, it is the relationships with those around us, from parents to friends to coaches and mentors and teachers, that shape us into the people we are to become. For those who are married, there is no doubt that our relationship with our spouse can be a source of joy, struggle, happiness, bitterness, or fulfillment—and often it is a combination of these things. The relationship with our spouse is the most important human relationship in our life, yet can sometimes be one of the last things to receive our attention in an overpacked schedule. Regardless of where your marriage currently sits on the spectrum from “couldn’t be better” to “adequate” to “struggling” to “barely hanging on," every couple can benefit from some encouragement and investment in their relationship. 

On February 19th & 20th, we invite you to spend a few hours with us at the Vintage Arts Center focusing on building a healthy relationship with your spouse. We are excited to stream a LIVE webcast of The Mingling of Souls Conference lead by Pastor Matt Chandler and his wife Lauren. REGISTER HERE as space is very limited. It might be the best $30 you spend this year!  

Conference Schedule  

Friday 6pm-10pm

  • Worship 
  • Session 1 Attraction & Character 
  • Session 2 Wedding Bells & Sex 
  • Live Text & Twitter Q&A w/ Matt & Lauren 

Saturday 8am-12pm

  • Worship 
  • Fighting Fair & Growing in Grace 
  • Romance & Legacy
  • Live Text & Twitter Q&A w/ Matt & Lauren.