The Momuscripts

Photo & Design by Jeslyn Lanier

Photo & Design by Jeslyn Lanier

Recently Sarah Brichetto approached me about doing a miniseries of “mom posts” leading up to Mother’s day this year. I was immediately on board, loved the idea. I started thinking more about it. Maybe this should be an ongoing series specifically for mothers and maybe it should have a punny title and maybe we should get some other mom writers who are in different life stages, mom stages, to share their struggles and experiences and what the Lord is teaching them through motherhood. So Sarah and I have been planning, under pastor Dustin Turner’s leadership, and are excited today to launch “The Momuscripts.” 

Our plan is to have two posts per month in this series. We already have several other mothers who will be contributing as well. Our desire is for these writings to be real and vulnerable, to remove the veil of “everything is fine” and to write our hearts. We want to speak to and encourage other mothers. None of us are experts by any means, but instead, companions and confidants. 

So to all the women who are called mom, mama, mommy, to the ones who hope that day will come soon, to the moms who have lost children, to the ones who have special needs children, to the single moms, to the moms of stepchildren, and so many others, this is for you, for us. Our hope is that through us you’ll see Jesus. 

Because no matter where you are in your mom journey, He is what you need, what we we all need. Jesus the One and Only.