Detox Devotional Kick-off

Monday April 11: Daniel 1

This week we kick off our 12-day devotional through the book of Daniel. This devotional will run in conjunction with our 10-day Daniel Fast that we begin tomorrow. Over the next 12 days, you can find our brief daily devotional from the book of Daniel here at our Vintage Press Blog.


Daniel detached from the pleasures of his status in Babylon in order to maintain his identity as one of God’s children. Prayerfully consider other activities, objects or “royal food” of the world that God would have you abstain from in order to focus more clearly on Him over the next 10 days. May God grant to you favor, compassion, understanding and wisdom (v. 9, 17, & 20) as a result of your undeterred loyalty to Him.


For more information on Vintage's Detox series or the Daniel Fast which begins tomorrow, check out our Detox Booklet. You can find a link below or you can go to our Detox series page at