Stretch Out Your Hands

I stretch out my hands to you; my soul longs for You
— Psalm 143:6
Photo by Scott Mohrman

Photo by Scott Mohrman

Recently I read in the First5 app about the significance of Moses stretching out His hand each time God performed a miracle through him. Many times these miracles were plagues on the Egyptians but other miracles included calling water from a rock or parting the Red Sea. It was the visual that accompanied the display of God’s authority over all things. It got me thinking about what that means or can mean for us today. 

We stretch out our hands in worship or as we pray over others, but do we realize the magnitude of what we are saying and doing through this outward motion? Do we know the power of the God that we serve? Do we believe that He can and will use us if we ask and allow ourselves to be His vessel?

Because of Christ in us we have Holy Spirit empowerment. He lives in us, have we forgotten? Because of Him we have the power to fight sin and temptation, to fight in the heavenly realms for brothers and sisters who are suffering. We have the power to take back what’s been broken. To be a sea of saints approaching our Holy God, begging Him to work and move and use for His glory. 

As we fight and plead in the unseen struggles let our visual be outstretched hands. Stretch out your hands in surrender and praise of a worthy Savior. Stretch out your hands with humbleness and honor. Stretch out your hands in blessing over others.

God is the beginning of this motion and movement. He is the mighty one over all. He is the one that we are reaching for through this physical act of worship. He has the power to make all things new, to heal and protect, to part seas and move mountains. He can bring peace to any war and any mind. 

Stretch out your hand and in His sovereignty. When things don’t happen as you hoped, trust Him. When your family isn’t healed on this side of heaven, stretch out your hands and know that He is still good. When everything seems wrong and bad and chaotic, believe that He knows better. His ways are higher. His motives are pure. Know that what seems awful is good because He is good. Trust the character of your Creator. Stretch out your hands to a Father who understands and loves. And when your arms get tired call on the saints to hold them up, to hold you up. Keep praying and trusting and believing and knowing that He is the only one worthy of these outstretched hands.

Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.
— Acts 4:30