I Want That

Scene at my house last week

Big Sister was playing with her Little Brother. Well, actually, they weren’t playing “together;” they were just sharing the same space. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when I heard her scream at him, “No, Brother! That’s mine! I want that!” Walking into the playroom, I understood what had happened. She was contently playing with some dolls. He had been playing with some blocks, but then he saw it—the Magna Doodle. From the looks of the screen, he’d only barely got a start at drawing, but as soon as she saw him playing with something that she’d identified as “hers,” she lost it. She was perfectly happy with the toys she had, until she saw him playing with something else. She didn’t care about that Magna Doodle at all. Hadn’t played with it in months. That is, until Brother got it. After a few minutes of tears, I finally got her calmed down. We talked about it. I asked her why she got so upset. “Because he was playing with that toy and I wanted to play with it!” she whimpered. More tears. “But Sister, you were having so much fun playing with your dolls when Brother was playing with is blocks.” She thought for minute: “But, Mom! It just isn’t fair! That toy is too big for Brother!” I explained, “Then maybe you could show him how to use it. You’re the Big Sister.” That won her over (as it usually does because she LOVES being the Big Sister). Finally, the crisis was solved, peace was restored, and dinner was made.

Scene in my heart this week

Some really exciting things are happening for many of myfriends—new opportunities, new jobs, recognition for hard work completed, new houses, babies on the way. And if I’m honest, I am so very happy for my friends. They are wonderful people. I am glad for blessings to fall on them. But if I’m brutally honest, in some of those situations . . . I’m battling some jealousy, and some pride in my heart. So, I’ve looked at what others are receiving and said, “God, I want that!” “Why are they getting this thing and I’m not?” I’ve shed tears longing for things I didn’t want in the first place, at least until I saw someone else getting them. But then, in His goodness, I read some words from one of my favorite authors: 

I get enough . . . because I get enough Jesus — and Jesus for me is enough.

I get enough . . . because I get enough God — and God in me is enough.

I get enough . . . because I get enough grace — and His grace to me is enough.

I get enough . . . because I get enough Love — and His Love all around me, for me, in me, is enough.

I get enough.

When I can’t remember that I get enough — I just have to remember to give thanks.”1

Maybe you need this reminder, too, like Big Sister, and like myself—if we are content with what is in front of us, if we give thanks for what we have; if we call it a gift—then we won’t worry so much about what others have. We have enough, because He is enough. We aren’t deserving (Romans 3:23), but He loves us ALL, and He gave us the greatest gift (John 3:16), and He even gives us all more gifts (and things and talents and abilities and opportunities) as He sees fit. Let’s look at our lives, full of evidence of grace and provision, and give thanks for what we have – it is more than enough. Let’s celebrate with each other, and most importantly, let’s worship the One who gives it all.

1Ann Voskamp, "How These 3 Words can Stop What’s Stealing Your Joy — Instead of Staying Stuck In the Competing and Comparing Rat Race," July 13, 2017, http://annvoskamp.com/2017/07/how-these-3-words-can-stop-whats-stealing-your-joy-instead-of-staying-stuck-in-the-competing-and-comparing-rat-race/.