Is Jesus Enough?

A few weeks ago, I was asked to write about how Jesus is enough for me. To be honest, I feel like that is a really big question to answer. There are a number of roads I can take you down, but I was told I had a word limit—so here goes nothing.

The author of the book of Hebrews is trying to remind the audience that they should keep their eyes focused on Jesus and not get distracted by other comforts that would compromise their heart—to remember that Jesus is enough. Easier said than done, right?

So, what are some of the comfortable looking distractions that try to capture MY attention in 2019?

A different job

The job I have now is fine, not the dream job, but it’s fine. I have financial security, I like the people that I work with, and I can sleep easily at night knowing that what I do is both legal and moral. But if I am being honest with you—I love being an achiever. (If you are familiar with the enneagram, I am a 2w3. And sometimes I w3 really hard.) The idea of power and status is very attractive, and I have a dark side when it comes to that. Might as well call me Dumbledore. If I don’t keep myself grounded or in check, I can easily embrace the guidance a professor shared with me in grad school: “Learn how to master the art of shaking people’s hands, while simultaneously standing on their throats.” Basically, the idea of do what you need to do to get ahead and it’s okay if you get your hands dirty along the way. So here I am working at a job that’s fine.

A dating relationship

I turn 30 this summer. I didn’t think I’d be single diving into my 30’s, but I am pretty happy, nonetheless. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. I’ve dated or been attracted to some men that are great humans (and maybe some that weren’t so great). But I’ve also heard the Lord whisper to my soul that they weren’t right for me. As a result, I ended things or stopped putting myself in situations where I could get into trouble. So here I am giving online dating a try and accumulating quite the Google doc of interesting stories of what it’s like to date online in 2019.

An actual full 2-day weekend

For the last 26 years I have been a regular attendee of church on Sundays. I have a few absences here and there (*cough cough* NFL Playoff games), but I am at church almost every Sunday out of the year and the majority of those Sundays I am serving in some sort of capacity. But in a world where church can be livestreamed or even played on YouTube later in the week...well let’s just say I’d be really comfortable sleeping in on Sundays, going out for brunch, tailgating for all the Saints home games and then watching church online later. While rest is important and should happen before a burnout, I can’t do those things every Sunday because I know that being plugged in and connected with the local Church is important and that we are called to serve God and others. So here I am with my coffee in hand every Sunday at church.

I mention those three things to let you know that remembering that Jesus is enough in the big things and the small things is something that we need to believe and live out. It’s something important to remember every single day. And some days I certainly don’t want to do that or act like I believe that. Because some days it’s just hard and I want life to be easier. But I know in the depths of my heart even on the hard days that Jesus is more than enough. Jesus is greater than any achievement or career I could strive towards. Jesus is greater than any human being that I could marry, and He is greater than any timeline for if/when that could happen. And of course, Jesus is greater than sleeping late and brunch—He’s even greater than the Saints.