Important Announcement: This Family is Growing

We are incredibly excited to share that Harbor Community Church from Lakeview is becoming a part of the Vintage Church Family. Pastor James Welch will be accepting a call to become the next Lead Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale in Florida. As he transitions to this great opportunity and new ministry the Harbor Church family is going to become Vintage Church family. 

Pastor James and his family have faithfully served in New Orleans for over 13 years. In fact, James was actually our sending pastor and church when Pastor Rob Wilton and Annabeth were sent out to plant Vintage Church in Uptown. His church and ministry have impacted many lives in our region over the years. Through the years Pastor James has been an incredible friend, partner, and encourager for our church family, Pastor Rob, and our leadership team. We as a leadership team and church family are truly grateful for his faithfulness and friendship.

At times throughout the histories of Vintage Church and Harbor Church, we have discussed becoming one family. However, over the last couple of weeks that conversation has become a reality. While this wasn't something that we were currently anticipating or planning for, we have prayed and processed together over the last couple of weeks and there has been great unity and clarity. Even as recent as a few days ago our leadership team hosted the Harbor leaders. We had a great night of connecting, laughing, and believing even greater things ahead as we come together. At this time please keep our Harbor brothers and sisters in your prayers as these next few weeks will be a bittersweet time as Pastor James and his family conclude their time here.  

Welch Family 1.jpg

We are really excited to welcome the Harbor Community Church family into Vintage on Sunday, March 10th. On that Sunday we will become ONE FAMILY continuing to live the Gospel, serve the City, and be the Church together. Pastor Dustin Turner and the entire Vintage Church leadership are excited to lead and care for the Harbor Church family. On March 10th we will also celebrate, appreciate, and send out the Welch family for their exciting new ministry in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Please make plans to join us on that Sunday at either 9a or 11a for what will be an incredible day together. 

 As we continue through this transition, please send any questions or comments to

Let's keep anticipating what's next for New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and Beyond! 

Vintage Leadership Team