Week 1

Christology is the study of the person and work of Jesus Christ. Why study about Jesus? Why study 1 John? Pastor Rob answers these questions and dives into the first chapter of 1 John with the first sermon on our new series called CHRISTOLOGY.

Week 2

Pastor Page speaks on how we should know that we have Christ as Lord and Saviour of our lives.

Week 3

Pastor Page guides us through what living in the end times means.

Week 4

Pastor Rob describes the difference between living in darkness and living in the light.

Week 5

God’s love is infinite and unending. In this message, Pastor Page brings us to realize how incredible God’s love truly is.

Week 6

Pastor Rob talks about what the resistance to our love for Christ truly is.

Week 7

Pastor Rob speaks about what the reason for love is. This is our seventh message from our CHRISTOLOGY series.

Week 8

Pastor Page explains what true love is: Christ Jesus.

Week 9

Pastor Rob explains why Christians are called children of God and overcomers.

Week 10

Pastor Page shows us what to live by as Christians and how to know for sure that we know who Jesus Christ really is.

Week 11

Pastor Page talks about confidence in the faith.

Week 12

In our last message of our Christology series, Pastor Rob shares with us one question that is necessary for our lives: Are we sure we want Jesus?