While community certainly exists in vGroups, we also recognize that there is a significant need in our church for closer community, personal accountability, and intercessory prayer. Because of this, Vintage Church facilitates a basic structure called Life Groups. Life Groups are smaller, gender-based groups of 3 who meet regularly for prayer, accountability, and community.


Gender-based groups of 3. Each group does not need to have a leader. At the most, they will need someone to help facilitate getting together and sharing; however, the leadership of these small groups should be shared among all three of the people in the group. Anyone and everyone can and should be a part of these groups. They are not for leaders specifically but Christians generally.


Life Groups should seek to meet at least 1–2 times per month for 1–1 1/2 hours per meeting. These groups can meet whenever and wherever is most convenient for the group. However, because of the nature of these groups, some might consider meeting in a private location like a home.


Life Groups will consist of:
    1. Prayer
    2. Accountability
    3. Community


Example of Life Group Meeting

  • Read 1 chapter of a book and discuss the content
  • Quiz each other on memorization of Scripture
  • Ask each other the agreed upon accountability questions
  • Pray for one another

What these groups are not

  • Life Groups are not counseling groups. While great healing can occur, and will occur, within a small, tight-knit group of Christians, these groups are not designed to provide professional counseling.
  • Life groups are not mentoring groups. While we believe in and advocate for mentoring, these groups are designed to provide mutual community and accountability. Thus there is not one person developing others but a group of individuals developing each other.
  • Also, these groups are not Bible studies. While we hope that the Bible will be a resource utilized in these groups, the purpose of the groups are not to provide an in-depth Bible study.
  • These groups are not designed to replace the worship gathering or community group. They are designed to supplement both expressions.
  • These are not groups for gossip. One of the greatest temptations for small groups is to begin to use the time to gossip. While many Christians do not intend for this to happen, we must be careful that these groups do not become opportunities for gossip.  

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