Vintage Church exists for

  • Gospel Proclamation
  • Gospel Transformation
  • Gospel Multiplication

Vintage Church was planted in 2008 with a very simple vision of Gospel Multiplication. A small group of committed followers of Jesus in post-Katrina New Orleans began this mission through living the Gospel, serving the city, and being the church. God has blessed Vintage Church as they have multiplied individuals, groups, and gatherings all over their city and even world. Individuals have been sent out, vGroups have multiplied, two locations have been established, church plants have been launched, and missionaries have been mobilized. 

As we continue on this mission we have recognized that multiplication has happened because we have been intentional with Gospel Proclamation and Transformation. Proclamation has happened through the preaching, teaching, and singing of God’s Word during our Sunday gatherings and special events. Transformation has happened through our vGroup ministry and equipping ministry. Multiplication has been happening but we are excited to take this to another level with our Gx Network and strategic local and global outreach partnerships. These important values have always been a part of our church but we have never emphasized them in our DNA/mission statement. 

During this 3 week DNA Series we are going to introduce and emphasize in our mission statement that Vintage Church exists for Gospel Proclamation, Gospel Transformation, and Gospel Multiplication. Each week of this series will inspire us to continue on this mission and believe that the best is yet to come!

Sermon Resources

Week 1 | October 9, 2016 | Matthew 7:24–29 | Gospel Proclamation

Vintage Church exists for Gospel Proclamation.

Week 2 | October 16, 2016 | Matthew 7:24–29 | Gospel Transformation

Vintage Church exists for Gospel Transformation.

Week 3 | October 23, 2016 | Matthew 7:24–29 | Gospel Multiplication

Vintage Church exists for Gospel Multiplication.