Over these two years, we are believing God for more environments for our city. Our current environments are amazing gifts from the Lord and have recently been expanded for our weekend gatherings and more weekly ministry opportunities. Through this initiative, we have the incredible opportunity to provide more environments for the needs in our city. Specifically we have seen Jesus provide for Jefferson & Orleans and we believe that He is going to continue to provide through our Arts Center and Vintage Jefferson environments and a new, future Vintage Orleans environment.

From the beginning of Highland Baptist Church and Vintage Church discussing the possibility of merging, I felt that God didn’t want the doors closed. He wanted to do something more.
–Ms. Dottie Dupuy, Vintage Partner

Vintage Jefferson Expansion & Renovation


  • Renovated & expanded 300 seat auditorium
  • New vkids entrance & environment
  • More Secure vkids environment
  • New Atrium & Connect environment
  • New parking
  • Updated HVAC system

Vintage Arts Center

Bridging community, creativity, culture, and celebration.

Mission & Vision:

The arts have been at the forefront of New Orleans culture from its earliest days. From culinary arts, visual arts, music, dance, architecture, and theater, artistic diversity has derived from many international influences that have melded together and created what we now know as modern day New Orleans. Art is in the air we breathe and the scenes we take in every day. Amidst the parish, community, socio-economic, and racial barriers in New Orleans, the arts, through celebration and experience, are what bring us together. The arts connect our humanity, inspire unity, and point to a Greater Purpose.   
The Vintage Arts Center will operate on a foundational principle. With New Orleans booming into a corporate and industrial powerhouse, the arts play a vital role in changing the impact of our city world wide. We want to provide a safe space for creativity, community, and celebration, while working to keep our unique New Orleans culture alive. Our space is conveniently located in the heart of Uptown on historic Magazine Street, surrounded by amazing local restaurants and shops within walking distance. Newly renovated, while still appreciating the unique architecture and character of New Orleans, the Vintage Arts Center is outfitted to be an ideal creative environment and event venue capable of hosting a diverse array of events, performances, recitals, and parties.

Areas of Reach & Focus

  • Vintage Arts Ministry
  • Vintage Gatherings & Events
  • Event Rentals
  • Teaching

Budget Details ($50,000.00)

  • New Signage & Branding: $5,000.00
  • New Furniture & Appliances: $6,250.00
  • Studio Gear and Instruments: $22,100.00
  • New Media Computer & Upgrades: $6,500.00
  • Advertising & Operational Materials: $2,000.00
  • Maintenance & Repairs: $2,500.00
  • Additional Resources: $7,450.00
Arts Center_4.png