Whether you’re wanting to learn more about leadership or become a leader at Vintage Church, the Leadership Track is a great first step. Vintage Church’s Leadership Track is designed to equip leaders serving at the Team Leader level. Team Leaders include Connect Team Leaders, vkids Team Leaders, Production Team Leaders, Music Arts Team Leaders, Vision Team members, vGroup Leaders, and others.

The Leadership Track is a 6-week Leadership Training led by the Vintage Church pastors designed to provide training in 6 key leadership competencies: Discipleship, Vision & Strategy, Leadership Development, Teamwork, Stewardship, and Ministry-Specific competencies. Each session will include pre-work, reflection questions, teaching, and table discussion.

You can register below or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. The Leadership Track is FREE and childcare is provided for those who need it! Do you have a questions we haven’t answered. Check out these FAQ.

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Upcoming Dates

  • Discipleship—Sunday, September 8th | 1:30–3p

  • Vision & Strategy—Sunday, September 15th | 1:30–3p

  • Leadership Development—Sunday, September 22nd | 1:30–3p

  • Team Work—Sunday, September 29th | 1:30–3p

  • Stewardship—Sunday, October 6th | 5–6:30p

  • Ministry-Specific—Sunday, October 13th | 5–6:30p


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