Week 1

Pastor Rob launches into our new series on the Sermon on the Mount by walking through the Beatitudes and looking at Christ’s standard for a life of blessing.

Week 2

After Jesus displayed “The Beatitudes,” he stresses the importance of being salt and light. In this message, Pastor Rob stresses the holistic importance of representing both to the world.

Week 3

Matthew 5:17–20 is a foundational part of the Sermon on the Mount as it presents Christ as the new standard for righteousness.

Week 4

Pastor Rob launches into the section where Jesus illustrates His fulfillment of the law. Matthew 5:21–26 reveals truth about our anger.

Week 5

Matthew 5:27–37 reveals how Jesus views lust, divorce, and oaths. Pastor Rob explains how the Gospel enables us to obey Christ internally and externally.

Week 6

Pastor Rob closes out Matthew 5 by looking at Jesus’ love for us and his command for us to love others…especially our enemies.

Week 7

Matthew 6:1–4 teaches that giving to the needy is at the center of God’s heart. Jesus calls all of His disciples to be aware and respond to the needs in the community. Matt Brichetto explains how Vintage Church will follow Christ in order to see His desires for the needy realized in the city of New Orleans.

Week 8

After walking through the righteous practice of giving to the needy, Pastor Rob walks us through two more practices in Matthew 6:5–18 (prayer and fasting).

Week 9

This week Pastor Rob launches back into our LIFE series with the close look at Christ’s expectation for a believer’s public life.

Week 10

This week Pastor Rob creatively presents Matthew 6:25–34 from his living room with his wife and son. This passage demands for us to stop worrying and seek Christ.


Week 11

This week Pastor Rob explains how Jesus calls his followers in Matthew 7:1–6 to stop judging and start loving.


Week 12

This week Pastor Rob breaks down Matthew 7:7–12 and helps us understand how to pursue, understand, and follow God’s will.

Week 13

This week Luke Johnson preaches from Matthew 7:13–23, examining the sober and stern words of Christ in regards to false believers: they are heading toward eternal destruction, denying original depravity, and deceivingly believing themselves to be true disciples.

Week 14

Pastor Rob wraps up the LIFE series in Matthew 7:24–29. In this text, Jesus concludes the Sermon on the Mount by drawing a dividing line and demanding obedience.