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Vintage Church began with a call from God to our founding Pastor, Rob Wilton. While Pastor Rob grew up in New Orleans, his family later moved to South Carolina. It wasn’t until 2005 that Pastor Rob returned to New Orleans for his seminary education and other ministry opportunities. Although Hurricane Katrina displaced Pastor Rob and his family for a short time, he and his family quickly felt a call to return to New Orleans. Upon returning, he and his wife led one of her co-workers to faith in Jesus. After looking around the Uptown area of New Orleans for a church to plug their friend into, they came up empty. God used this need to call Pastor Rob to plant Vintage Church. In January 2008, Vintage Church began with 25 people. From January to September, Vintage gathered on Wednesday nights in a variety of different locations teaching through the books of I & II Timothy and asking God to create His plan for His church. On September 28, 2008, Vintage Church officially launched with a Sunday worship gathering in an uptown club and community groups all over the city.

As Vintage Church grew, the church became not just a church for the Uptown neighborhood but a church for the city. People came from all over, including Jefferson Parish. Through several providential opportunities, a relationship formed with Highland Baptist Church in Metairie. Soon after, Highland Baptist Church merged with Vintage Church, and we became one church in two locations.

Throughout the history of Vintage Church, we have always been about Gospel Multiplication. While we multiply the gospel in New Orleans through individuals, groups, and gatherings, we also believe in the importance of multiplying others beyond New Orleans. From the beginning, Vintage Church has sent missionaries to places like Mumbai, India and church planters all over the United States. In 2015, Pastor Rob Wilton established the Gx Network, a network dedicated to sending and supporting church planters. We’ve sent church planters to cities like Algiers, LA, San Antonio, TX, New York City, NY, and Denver, CO.

In the Fall of 2015, Vintage Church launched the MORE initiative where we were praying to the Lord for MORE Resource, MORE Environments, and MORE Impact. As a part of that initiative, we expanded and renovated our auditorium at our Jefferson location.

In December of 2017, Pastor Rob Wilton transitioned to begin a new Vintage Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pastor Dustin Turner was then enlisted as the new Lead Pastor of Vintage Church NOLA.

As Vintage Church continues, we are focused on three things: Gospel Proclamation, Gospel Transformation, and Gospel Multiplication. We believe God has called us to be a movement of truth, love, and community that multiplies in New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and beyond!