All of us are born with an innate ability and desire to create, but each of us in a different way. With this in mind, the Creative Arts are limitless. And, at Vintage Church, we want to utilize our individual creativity to live the gospel, serve the city, and be the church through as many artistic avenues as possible.

Some of the main avenues we use are:

  • Graphic Design: mostly related to sermon series and other Vintage ministry events

  • Print Design: taking content from different ministries and putting a creative design to it

  • Web Design and Management: websites are such a vital part of any organization today and can be the first introduction of our church to anyone that finds us online; we want to make sure our site is engaging and has content and resources for everyone

  • Stage Design: creating stage backgrounds and props that are fun and engaging and can enhance our gatherings

  • Video Production: from story videos to mini-movies, videos are such a powerful medium today that we can use to spread the love of Christ

  • Photography: pictures have the ability tell such powerful stories, so we want to make sure we utilize any opportunity to photograph our gatherings and different ministry events

We are always in need of more help with the Creative Arts. If you are interested in serving with our team in any way, please contact our Media Arts Director, Chris Wilson.

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