The Vintage Production Team exists to create an environment where people can freely worship God without distraction. We do this through the use of quality sound, media, and lighting production.

We can see the importance of environment and aesthetics in the strict guidelines God laid out for Israel when building the Temple (2 Chronicles 2–4) and Tabernacle (Exodus 25–30) in the Old Testament. These were places where He would dwell and where His people would go to connect with Him. This looks different for us today because, in Christ through the Spirit, we have the freedom to experience God anywhere. However, aesthetics are still important in a gathering space because that’s where His church comes to worship corporately.

Let me make a very important point of clarification here: I am not trying to emphasize an experience. We cannot base our worship, faith, and life in Christ off of experiences alone. But, we also can run the danger of not allowing people the opportunity to experience Christ if we don’t acknowledge the importance of environment and aesthetics.

There are churches who focus too much on aesthetics, and there are those who don’t focus on them enough. Vintage wants to be a church that lands in the middle. We want to focus on the environment and aesthetics of our gatherings, but we do it because we want people to be able to experience and worship Christ freely and without distraction.

For more on the methodology and reasoning behind what the Vintage Production Team does, check out Sleek, Sexy, & Subtle: How Visual Media & Environments Affect a Worship Gathering.


  • FOH Audio Engineer: mixes the live audio for rehearsals and gatherings
  • Media Tech: runs our presentation software for rehearsals and gatherings
  • Lighting Tech: creatively uses lights to enhance the music and teaching time in gatherings
  • Video Switcher: leads the broadcast video team by switching cameras, videos, and graphics for our online stream and sermon video recording
  • Camera Operator: operates a camera during gatherings for online streaming and sermon video recording
  • Stage Tech: assists with any setup or tear down needs pre- and post-gathering, as well as being available during gatherings to help transition any needed equipment on and off the stage

If you’re interested in serving with our Production Team, please contact our Media Arts Director, Chris Wilson, for more details. Thanks for your interest. We look forward to serving with you!


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