Week 1

What does it look like to have Christ as our first-love? What would the church be today if that were the case? Pastor Page starts our new series off with the Church of Ephesus.

Week 2

How should Christians handle persecution? Take a look with us into the letter written to the Church of Smyrna to find out how we should deal with suffering.

Week 3

Is the church nowadays comprising doctrines and actions? Pastor Page brings a word on what comprising entitles and how we can discern where it is in our lives.

Week 4

What makes the Resurrection so practical? Pastor Page preaches on how vital the Resurrection is and what living it out in our average day lives must be like.

Week 5

Are we complacent as a church? Are we complacent with where we are spiritually as believers in Jesus Christ? Complacency can keep Jesus from the church and our lives. Pastor Page closes our last message in the Seven series with how complacency can hold us back and how to combat it.